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Roll With The Better Longboard Brands

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Riviera and Sector 9

It’s one of the more addictive sports with its excitements, tricks, and friendliness, and as many more get into riding, the longboard brands are expanding in sales on top of solid products.

It’s why deciding on which longboard brands produce great decks and which don’t do much can be a bit hard at times. Though all makers have their strengths, some have broken out from the rest and shown they can deliver high-performing longboard designs offering which suit every rider and his style. Also check out the best longboard brands listed here.

Quality History

Looking at the features which a good longboard brand brings to the pavement, maybe one of the biggest which stands out is traditional practice.

Imagine trying to get a car, and think of how you may select one from a well-regarded brand which has grown as the years passed and has delivered a lot of good and reliable autos. Would you even think instead of buying a model from a less-known brand which has less of a history in the market?

You will almost certainly go for the known car brands for you already know it has delivered beautiful and quality cars. It’s the same when it comes to longboard brands, and fortunately many have been progressing in design and build for some decades now.

What we are covering in this story are those makes which have been putting very good quality longboards in the hands of users for a long time now and aren’t stopping at serving their huge global fan base.

Of course there are a few other names in the market, but these are considered to be producing the finest longboards available which are adapted to various ways of riding. These guys are presenting some solid and innovative designs this year which will surely excite the rider looking for something more than the usual. Continue reading

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What is The Best Rowing Machine for You?

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Rowing machine is very popular in the gym room, besides, a rowing machine can also be used at home. It is a complete device, it can help you do cardio while developing more muscles.

5 indisputable advantages of the rowing machine

Have you ever gone to a gym and see people sweat on the machines? Let me tell you that one of the best amenities is the rowing machine. It works on your body in more ways than you can imagine.

# 1 – It is a non traumatic machine. You sit and your feet are attached to the pedals. There is almost no impact on your joints. Again, if you feel pain, it means that your technique is not good, and you probably shoot with your back and not with your legs.

# 2 – It works on the upper body. Only 25% of the traction force should come from your arms. On the end of the movement, the force has to come from your biceps, your forearm, your shoulders and also your back. Your shoulders will not become huge within lift weights, but you will become more toned and firmed. Women, if you use a rowing machine assiduously, you will tighten up your arms!

# 3 – It is also work on the lower body. When you row, 75% of the power comes from the legs and hips. You can tone your legs and firm your thighs if you row properly and regularly.

# 4 – You will gain also in the abdominal. If you want strong abs, rowing machine is for you! It will work all the abdominal intensively.

# 5 – Finally, the rowing machine is ideal for improving your cardiovascular fitness, your “stamina”. If you set the strength of the rowing machine at your current level or slightly above your current level of endurance, you will have a very good training and breathe hard.

Obviously, you also lose calories and weight also on a rowing machine. And you will feel better. Once you learn the proper utilization techniques, you will quickly see a difference considerably.

Positions to avoid for good performance with a rowing machine

To work your muscles with a rowing machine, you should avoid certain positions. Do not shoot your rope before extending your legs. Indeed, the thrust made by them should start pulling. Then, keep your elbows apart during the draw and return. In the end traction, keep your back straight as much as possible. Return the handle toward you but not your body lean towards the latter. In return, keep arms, hands and handles in the same position relative to your body. Avoid bending your back too far forward. Your shoulders and your head must be kept up right below the basin, but not lean toward the feet. For their part, your knees should not be brought forward too soon: the handle must be released before they slip back to the original position before pulling.

Now, you want to buy a rowing machine but you do not know what to look for? Read our rowing machine reviews below:

Recommended rowing machines

1.Concept 2 Model D Continue reading

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The Value of The Bunny Hop

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Mountain biking has its thrills and spills; there is a unique sense of fun to be had when negotiating and conquering trails where no cars can ever dream of going through. You can easy to pick the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars and start your biking adventure.

You’ve probably had the time to go through each and every trail in and around where you live. You’ve breezed through the easy paths, climbed the hardest slopes, and you’ve even challenged yourself further by making slight changes in which path to take, and what gears you would use.

What’s next? Is it necessary for you to make some serious travel arrangements to see brand new paths and trails to conquer? Think again. If you haven’t heard about the bunny hop by now, then this is the perfect time for you to practice and master this advanced biking skill.

The bunny hop literally gets you out of the ground and in the air – bike, body, and all – without the help of a ramp. You perform bunny hops to enhance your abilities to negotiate a trail, or to bypass obstacles so much quicker. That being said, with good experience in bunny hopping, you would be able to conquer trails quicker, while further distinguishing yourself as a more capable mountain biker. Learn more about mountain biking skills and choose your best entry level mountain bike at RecreationSpace.com.

Two Ways To Hop

There are two general types of bunny hops to try and to practice: The English bunny hop, and the American bunny hop. The English Bunny Hop (also known as the two-wheel lift) is used by mountain bikers to quickly make adjustments to their position. If, say, you are on the right lane of a trail and you need to get on the left area quickly, you can perform an English bunny hop for you to change positions seamlessly, without steering or slowing down.

On the other hand, the American bunny hop (or, the traditional bunny hop) is what you use to really get some hang time, to jump over small rocks, and even tables when necessary. While the bike’s wheels get off the ground simultaneously on an English bunny hop, in this case you would work your bike and body to get the front wheel flying before the rear wheel (and, consequently, everything else) follows. Continue reading

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The Best Waffle Maker for Any Home is What

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There are Five Healthy Breakfast Menus that can be very easily created within a period of just under 15 minutes or so. Each of these menus are very low-cost in price, are very super simple, and do come out to be very delicious in taste. The whole family will love these Five Healthy Breakfast Menus a whole lot!

As of late, I have been on a real hunt for a wide variety of meals, which my family will totally like and enjoy. I decided to start out with Breakfast first off. I will try to prepare a breakfast that does have lots of protein in it. The very same can be said about whole grain carb, some fruit, and also forms of fat that is very healthy in delivery. This breakfast will have to serve to fill up my family until lunch time on school days. Here are what my Five Healthy Breakfast Menus are all about.

You can take whole white pita and fill it up with both scrambled eggs and cheese. You can then add in some diced veggies, if the kids will eat this, of course. Strawberries can be thrown in on the side, as well.

 Breakfast Burritos – You take whole grain tortillas and fill them up with scrambled eggs, any left over sausage you may have on hand, from the day before. You can also include avocados, low fat cheese, or anything else. Just stuff it in there. Find out what your family loves to eat the most. You can be creative here, use shrimp, any leftover diced potatoes, the list goes on. Throw in some watermelon pieces on the side.

Hard boiled eggs – Hard boiled eggs can be made very easy. I have an egg cooker, which I did buy from Walgreens, and all you have to do to prepare them is this. You just pop them in, to the egg cooker, and when the egg cooker buzzes. This means that the eggs have been fully cooked. It is something that is super easy to do. The hard boiled eggs are something that do make a great after school snack. Things such as lean turkey sausage, and Ezekiel bread, which is fully toasted are the very thing that can be tremendously healthy for kids to eat. Kids love eating it, because they get used to it, and healthy is an awesome diet choice every time. 100% all fruit jelly and sliced bananas is something that can be added on the side.

 Why do you need the best waffle maker?

Waffles or pancakes – Waffles or pancakes is the next of the Five Healthy Breakfast Menus. This is why you do need to seek out the best waffle iron possible. Because it is the best waffle maker that can make a difference where the creation of the best waffles possible is concerned. Continue reading

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A Knee Scooter For A Broken Leg Is a Very Useful Device

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There is about an estimated 10 million people that reside in the United Kingdom who is afflicted with some form of Arthritis. What is arthritis? It is a group of medical conditions that can affect people of all ages and from all backgrounds. It commonly can promote joint pain, inflammation, and lots of stiffness.

There are some sufferers of arthritis that do experience inflammation of the joints, and this is coupled along with restricted movement, this can lead to lots of weakness and muscle wasting. There is roughly about 100 forms of various types of arthritis. The most common types of arthritis that are known the most are Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis.

What is Rheumatoid Arthritis? Rheumatoid arthritis is currently a chronic disease that doesn’t have a cure. It can only be treated at this point in time. It causes sufferers to have to put up with experiences of flare ups. These flare ups do include “flares” of pain, inflammation, swelling, and lessened movement of joints. This chronic disease does have a strong tendency to be asymmetrical, and what this means is this, if it afflicts a joint on one side of the body. It will also tend to affect the very same joint on the other side of the body, as well, in addition.

There is no cure for Rheumatoid arthritis. However, it is something, which can be pushed into remission from the symptoms. Nonetheless, it needs to be diagnosed early on, in order for treatment to take place to push it into remission.

  A knee scooter for broken leg is far more than just broken legs

In the United Kingdome alone, there is more than 400,000 sufferers of Rheumatoid arthritis, and a knee scooter for broken leg can be just the thing for these suffers to use for themselves when they suffer flares from this dreaded medical disease. The ages of sufferers from this disease are usually between the ages of 40 and 50 on the average. Women are three times more likely to contract this form of arthritis more so than their male counterparts are.

Another form of arthritis that is very common is no other than osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that usually occurs in people over the age of 50. However, it has no limitations, and it can affect anyone who has suffered some form of injury or has had other related types of joint conditions. Continue reading

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How to choose the best studio monitors?

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There are so many types and brands of studio monitors on the market these days, and you maybe prone to confusion once it comes down to deciding to buy one. But don’t worry, no matter what kinds of listener you are, you can follow these tips to single out your best studio monitors.

How do I select my monitor?

Different monitors are for different purposes. There are no such thing as the best studio monitors. Anything that makes you feel relaxing, and your ears know it very well is the best studio monitor for you.

As long as your monitors come in between your desired quality and your budget, it is your best studio monitors.

Tips to choose your own best studio monitors:

  • Size: The first thing to consider is the size of the monitor. Will you have much space to put in a huge monitor or you want a small monitor for personal use? Measure the space carefully before picking up your studio monitor.
  • Use: Making your mind clear about what you will use the monitor for. Monitors for a night club, a formal ceremony or a small family party will varies in sizes, specifications and editing options.
  • Sound: Accuracy and precision are what the best studio monitors try to reach. It will reveal every details in your mix, both good and bad, not enhance or turn the sound into something else good but different.

Specifications and numbers

  • Frequency range: If you want accuracy from your monitor, then pay close attention to the monitor’s ability to handle frequency. Most monitor specifications list the lowest frequency they handle in Hz (hertz) and the highest frequency in kHz (kilohertz). Besides, the decibels are what indicate how much variation there will be across the frequency range. For example, if the frequency range of a monitor is 30Hz-21kHz ± 3dB, it means that there are some variations which are louder or softer by 3 decibles at some points of the mix. Generally, a rating of ± 3dB is a good monitor that produce high-quality sound.
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD): is what indicate how is your sound will be reproduced, whether it will be clear without much distortion and variations. In terms of the amount of distortion and noise a monitor adds, actually, every monitors does, but the numbers should be close to zero, about 0,001%. If the THD specification is as high as 1%, the audio circuit may add quite a lot of distortion when reproducing the sound.

Types of Studio Monitors

There are two types of studio monitors, and you should learn the difference between the two to choose your own best studio monitors. Continue reading

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Cost-buster camping

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Camping can be an inexpensive vacation, and several ways to further reduce costs are presented. The purchase of good equipment and maintaining it, the use of transportation methods other than automobiles, picnic lunches and the use of lower-cost campsites are recommended. Low-cost activities are given.

Remember when you didn’t have two quarters to rub together? I do, because 30 years ago 50 would have bought enough gas for a high-school pal and me to drive his dad’s ’57 Olds a dozen miles to Michigan’s Blue Lake and back. Broke but determined, we pedaled bicycles made wobbly from the pup tent and sleeping bags we tied to the fenders. My pal toted our grub in Iris knapsack; I lugged cooking utensils and fishing gear in mine.

We were camping on the cheap, and we didn’t roll up our tent and go home until the bluegills quit biting and we ran out of food. Total cost for three days of Huck Finn fun: Zero.

One of the reasons I’ve always camped is because short of mooching off relatives or jumping slow-moving trains, it’s the best way I know to vacation on a budget. Go figure: A family of four on a week’s sojourn will spend at least a grand if they shell out a daily average of only $50 on motels ($350), $50 in restaurants ($350), and $40 or so ($300) for incidentals such as souvenirs and theme-park admissions. This figure can be considerably higher. A friend of mine recently blew $6,000 (including air fare) on a two-week family vacation to the Cayman Islands. “Can you recommend a best family tent?” he asked. “Next year we’re going camping and save some money.”

Not only does camping stretch the budget, it helps get sportsmen into remote habitat for game and fish and away from competition. That’s why an increasing number of outfitters will pack, boat or fly clients who camp and have their own gear into wilderness areas. Their fee may be a fraction of the cost to arrange a complete package that includes food, lodging and guides.

Saving money is the biggest reason why more than 80 million Americans pounded tent stakes and unrolled sleeping bags last year. Here are ways to save more this year.


Buy the best equipment you can afford, then take care of it. A $500 investment for new camping tents for sale, lantern, stove, sleeping bags and pads, cooler and other incidentals which you may or may not already have (cooking utensils and flashlights, for example) can be recouped in only a few nights. Campers typically save 50 percent or more on lodging and 30 percent or more on meals. Campingequipment is the ideal gift for Christmas, birthdays or Father’s Day, and many sporting-goods stores and mail-order houses offer super bargains during the off season.

Consider buying used gear at yard sales, flea markets or army/navy surplus stores. Splitting costs with neighbors or friends and renting equipment with an option to buy are other considerations. Some enthusiasts like to find a used tent for sale, sleeping bags, tables, chairs, food boxes and other stuff. A fine sleeping pad, for example, can be created from a piece of egg carton foam or by filling a used water-bed mattress with air. Check the public library for how-to books on the subject.

Extend the life of equipment by cleaning it and drying it out before storing in a cool, protected place. Most manufacturers provide other commonsense practices to follow.
Continue reading

Safety tips at Home – Tips for family security, and for what to do if there are thieves at home

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The best defense is prevention, learning to live conscious of the environment, be alert and use common sense. So we allow ourselves to suggest incorporating into your daily life rules and tips described below, reducing the possibility of being a victim. Surely you know them … almost all hope bring you something new! A Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera may also be a solution.

Safety tips at home

– Know your neighbors; stay informed them of irregular things that are happening. Merge a monitoring group; if none exists, propose.

– Analyze the security of their doors and windows. Install security doors with armored locks and install fences for safety front doors, guards also install hinges and always install a “magic eye”, select the one that lets you see more of the outside area and visitors.

– When installing bars for windows facing the street, make sure the metal structure does not serve as a ladder for access to upper floors. Also, install bars on the skylights in the bathrooms and basements skylights and windows and access to the roofs.

– If you are able, install electronic devices audible alarm and preferably connected to a security company.

– Install outside your home a good lighting system that includes at least one light is switched on automatically by a sensor.

– Immediately replace the lights out on the outside of your home. Thieves usually look for houses with little light outside. Consider using lights that are activated by the presence of people.

– Put lights and electronic devices that are activated automatically clocks to look like this you at home.

– Consider buying a dog.

– Restrict the possession of keys to your home. Avoid leaving them the concierge or domestic staff or piecework. Change cylinders locks if lost or stolen keys them, or move to a house or apartment previously occupied. If you must back your keys, do it and demand that are drawn up in their presence.

– Do not leave messages on the phone indicating that you are away from home or on vacation; leave a message that is busy and to return the call.

– Install bars or steel fence around your home, as well as windows and glass doors (do not use aluminum, this material is nice but not strong).

– Do not store keys below the mat or under a flower pot. They are obvious and known hideouts.

– Avoid plants or trees to cover their doors or windows.

– Keep emergency numbers near the phone listed or recorded in the memory of their phones.

– Keep your doors locked. It is logical and it sounds simple, but more than 40% of burglars enter homes through open doors, whether major or rear. Be sure to put lock your doors even if you exit a few minutes (to take out the trash, talk to the neighbor, search correspondence. Etc.), do not leave messages on the door warning her absence or keys in “secret places”.

– Do not accept the entry of strangers. Many times thieves use decoys to gain entrance into our homes; can impersonate people offering sales and / or repair electrical equipment; persons seeking their cooperation for social projects; People go to desperate attitude requesting the phone because it has presented an emergency and ask us to let them go. Do not accept the entry of such people as they can be studied only inside the house. In a case like this tell them you will call upon notice to the appropriate parties.

– Check the identification of people working for utilities (Electric Light, Water, Gas, etc.) and be wary especially if you have not requested their services, especially if they try to enter their residence more than one person.

– When hiring staff ask his identity card and scoop out a photocopy; check your personal and work references and if your criminal record is possible. As soon as possible, take a photograph of the person hired: this serves as a deterrent and if necessary solve the problem of the description. Try to have located your home or your friends. Instruct them that when you are not at home, do not give strangers telephone or information on hours of arrival or departure, travel or vacation plans etc., and also meet the standards described in this manual.

– Try to change their daily routines. Thieves often study the movements of members of households, and can get to know what hours is not one, and how long it takes to return. Try changing some schedules and ticket outlets to confuse potential burglars.

– Do not be predictable. Once the thief is inside the house, they do the same when you are at home. First head to the bedrooms, where most of us keeps valuables. Burglars know the favorite places to hide valuables: drawers, refrigerators, mattresses, boxes of cookies, etc. Be sure to have some more unpredictable to hide valuables such place.


Finding the Perfect Longboard

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A longboard is a skateboard with a longer and sometimes wider table, according to experts of Daddies Board Shop. Many of skate longboards are more than 40 inches (101.60 cm) long, although there may be longer or shorter measurements. The longboards are characterized by having a table with some flexibility and lighter wheels for a more comfortable ride. Although they can be used to do some acrobatics by experienced skaters, generally longboards are used for transportation and rides in general. These are tips for choosing the best longboards.


1. Decide what the primary use of your longboard. If you want to buy a skateboard to go to work or school, you can opt for one of a wider table and lighter than you would use a professional skateboarder (they prefer tables to facilitate declines in their tricks) wheels.

2. Keep in mind the difficulties and benefits presented each length. Longboards about 40 inches (101.60cm) long are slower than a shorter, but more comfortable for daily transportation. The length of more than 50 inches (127 cm) is considered best for surfing style tricks.

3. Find your weight before purchasing a longboard. A person who weighs too much can overload the flexible table and interrupt the ride. Experts from Daddies Board Shop recommend choosing a table that has the flexibility to tread a path of uneven surface smooth. But you must avoid the tables which are so flexible that it can touch the ground while you use it.

4. Choose the right wheels. Some longboards are made with small rigid polyurethane wheels, with the aim of increasing their speed and steering angle. Longboards work best with light wheels 65mm or 70mm, according to Daddies Board Shop.

5. Read reviews of other people who have purchased the longboard that interests you. Many of the mass-produced boards may crack or damage your laminate after only a few rides. Testimonies of others can help prevent buying a poorly made longboard.

6. Consider alternative materials for the tablet of your longboard. Mike McQuaide describes a special table, extra flexible carbon fiber made in an article in the Seattle Times. This is especially used for long- distance travel for the flexibility that characterizes it.

7. Another test before buying a longboard. Although you can not prove a model identical to that want to buy one of the similar measures can help you decide which is the right choice.

How to tell if a longboard is good

A longboard is a variation of a skateboard, which is similar in appearance to a surfboard on wheels. Instead of being used to complete various tricks, the longboard is used as a means of transport, to make slalom or downhill racing. Before selecting the type of longboard, interested parties should review several factors, from the type of media used standing up to the maximum weight to meet your specific needs.


1. Check out the inventory of longboards available at a local skate shop. The customer service representatives can help you and offer you additional advice on the types of tables that are popular.

2. Try to stand on the longboard. These must match the distance between the feet when the width of the shoulders. You must be able to place the front foot just inside the front brackets to keep control.

3. Measure the length of the longboard. Children should use a longboard that is 35 to 39 inches (89-99 cm) long while adults and taller people should use a table that is 40 to 45 inches (100-112 cm) long. Tables for racing can be even more, up to 50 inches long (127 cm).

4. Choose the type of wheels you want to use on your longboard. Some riders choose to wear skate wheels, which offer a different feeling during the trip. Longboard wheels are bigger and stronger, providing greater control while traveling, but will make the trip a little slower.

5. Choose a table with concave or convex edges. Concave tables have edges that curve upwards for greater control during turning. Convex tables have edges that push the edges in the opposite direction, causing the weight of the person is pushed further into the table.

6. Try the longboard to see if it works as you would like. Notes the changes that you would like to have on the table and consult the customer service representative to see if you can make those changes or if you have to buy a different table.

An Electric Scooter Parts Guide

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Gasoline is expensive and diesel has the lead in the wing … That is why it is perhaps time to go electric. Or at least partially because if this power mode is synonymous with zero emission, lithium extraction at the other end of the world and recycling of batteries are not exemplary in terms of pollution. But to stop the suffocation we experience every day in the middle of traffic jams, the use of an electric scooter can be very useful.

When buying parts of electric scooters, make sure they are compatible with your scooter. Many customers make a mistake of buying the wrong parts for their scooters. In this article, we will give you some basic guide when you buy parts for your best electric scooter.

Popular electric scooter parts are:

– Accessories

– Batteries

– Chains

– Chargers

– Controllers

– Butterflies


There are different types of accessories available. A popular choice for the bag of a large scooter is a multi-compartment bag that can be placed on the rear rack. A good bag is made of a fabric which is highly resistant to abrasion, tears and scuffs. Double Velcro should hold the bag safely on the seat rail or by mail.

You can also choose a basket to be placed in front. Baskets are good ones that folds in the way when they are no longer in use. The steel construction is best with thick enamel finish.

You should have a security alarm for your scooter. Some bells are made with compass too. These bells are suitable for all scooter and bicycle handlebars. Bells have a pleasant sound and can be heard are desirable.

A motorcycle kit includes a standalone unit Detachable power, rack mount and mounting hardware. You can also buy this kit in local bike shops.

A good secondary light beacon provides additional light on the right and left side of the electric scooter. It is for visibility at night.

Your helmet should cover the back of your head to protect against falling back. There should be an air swallowing forehead, holes on the top and back. There should be an absorbent lining thickness of shock within the helmet which can be easily removed and replaced for cleaning purposes. More importantly, helmets must be certified by ASTM F1447 headphones or headsets standards of any country.

Although some states do not require scooter drivers to wear a helmet, it is always recommended to wear a helmet, no matter how short the distance.

Additional mirrors are also available as an additional part of the electric scooter. You can choose a round mirror that is made of chromed metal, glass, and rubber construction. There should be a safety reflector in the rear of the mirror.


There is a different range of batteries available for electric scooters. If you know the tensions, dimensions or amp hours, you will be able to choose the battery if you need.


The channel 25 was the most commonly used for electric scooters. This channel has a “spacing between each link in the chain and is” wide.

Chain Breakers

Circuit breakers in the chain do not break the chain, despite the so-called. Their function is to remove the pins that hold together the links in the chain. Main links are used to connect the chains together in a solid continuous loop.


Intelligence Charger – A “Charger Intelligence” working with electric scooters and bicycles that have a 12-volt battery or two batteries of 6 volts.


There are speed controllers for Chinese-made electric scooters. This section allows you to control the speed of your scooter to a complete stop at the front complete.


Gas Hall is the most common type that is used on electric scooters. They work on Chinese-made electric scooters and are sometimes called accelerators, bar, torsion bar speed, throttle in turn, control the speed or derailleur.

Another type of gas is the gas on / off. It is used for medium-sized electric scooters.

Butterflies 5k ohms are upscale and old model electric scooters ….


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How to hold court

Kym Hampton, a former New York Liberty center, may have hung up her high-tops, but she still rules the hardwood. Here, her secrets for executing some key moves on the court.

1 Dribble: Anyone can learn to bounce a ball, but doing it while moving around the court is another skill entirely. If you’re dribbling with your right hand, keep the ball just outside your right foot. Let your fingertips do the work; don’t smack the ball with your whole palm. Keep your hand relaxed and bounce the ball no higher than your waist–the more controlled it is, the harder it is to steal.

2 Defense: Good D is half the game. Stay balanced on the balls of your feet, knees bent, so you’re ready to move in any direction. Hampton’s secret: Watch your opponent’s midsection, not her face. She might try to fake you out by looking in the opposite direction, but her torso can’t lie.

3 Foul shot: Women have a tendency to pitch the ball up with both hands, but the trick to looking like a pro (and having more control) is to let one hand make the shot. Cock your wrist back and allow the ball to rest on your fingertips. Use the other hand only as a guide, placing it lightly on the side of the ball. As you shoot, stay focused on the basket, not the ball. Eye the sweet spot in the middle of the rim and aim straight for it. Continue reading

A Layup From a Jumper

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So you’re not 6-feet-something, and you don’t know a layup from a jumper. You can still get game–and a killer workout.

the ref strained to be heard over the bouncing balls. “Ladies, sign in!” he bellowed. I walked over to enter my name and jersey number, 22, into the score book. That’s when I noticed them: a dozen or so gold statuettes lined up on the bleachers. When I decided to learn to play basketball, at age 32, I never imagined that it would come down to this. But with my team up for the New York Urban Professional Basketball League’s Femme Fatale Division Championship, this was the closest I had ever come to athletic glory–and a trophy to display on my shelf.

Home to games that attract everyone

I also never imagined that by simply picking up a basketball, I was stumbling into the hot sport among young urban professionals. In 1998, 3 million women aged 25 and older played hoops-up from 2.1 million in 1987. Blame that surge at least in part on the WNBA, whose teams lure more than 10,000 fans per game to their arenas. Star-studded women’s pickup games are quickly popping up on both coasts. Celebs like Rosie O’Donnell and Linda Fiorentino have been spotted shooting hoops on courts around New York City, and the Reebok Sports Club/NY is home to games that attract everyone from lawyers, bankers and actresses to the occasional Liberty hotshot. Meanwhile, on the left coast, the courts at Muscle Beach in Venice, California, are home to primo pickup games every weekend for celebs and film-industry types, both male and female.

Some players are veterans looking to regain a feel for the game. When Christa Miller, co-star of The Drew Carey Show, was visiting New York, she stopped by Reebok to shoot some hoops and relive her days as a high school player. “I’m such a tomboy, and I’m very competitive. I love how intense the game is,” Miller says. Continue reading

Who says running has to be a sober enterprise?

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Midnight Run where: New York City. When: December 31. Contact: 212-8604455. New York has a second hub of mayhem on New Year’s Eve, far from the pickpockets in Times Square. Every year, about 7,000 runners cavort in costume in Central Park, partying near Tavern on the Green until the midnight starting gun kicks off the 5K that loops through the lower half of the park. There are fireworks, there’s music, there are runners dressed like Baby New Year, complete with naked torsos and diapers. Sometimes there are even weddings. The “water” tables provide nonalcoholic champagne, but there’s no telling what people bring in their own water bottles. Who says running has to be a sober enterprise?


Falmouth Road Race Where: Woods Hole, MA. When: August 20. Contact: 508-540-7000. This 10K race kicks off in Woods Hole, home to the tall ships of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the ferry launching point for Martha’s Vineyard (get a nickel for every Black Dog T-shirt you see and you’ll pay your race fee easy). The course winds around the majestic Nobska Lighthouse, then heads along tree-lined residential roads for a few hilly miles before hugging the beach of Vineyard Sound. The Cape might feel clambake-casual, but there’s nothing small-town about the racers: Elites are drawn to this short event’s big purse. The unpredictable weather is true New England: Depending on the year, the sun could be beating down like the Sahara or clouds could be gathering for The Perfect Storm.

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How can you add a little surprise to your stride?

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Why limit yourself to the local l OK? Run up an active volcano or pass moose instead of mile markers.

So you’re tired of your running route. Five times around the park, five days a week, blah, blah, blah. The potholes in your neighborhood are so familiar that your sneakers mad them like braille. And the spectators in your local road races are starting to look like extras on the same set.

How can you add a little surprise to your stride? Turn your running into a road show. Across the country, races of all distances are held in some of the most spectacularly scenic spots, giving you a great excuse to milk your vacation for some stellar runs. Want to jog along the rim of a volcano or scramble through a mountain pass? Race applications are yours for the asking. We’ve picked out the events most worthy of your frequent-flier miles.


Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon Where: Anchorage, AK. When: June 17. Contact: 800-482-TEAM. Three things make this the coolest destination in marathoning: It’s held during the summer solstice (24 hours of daylight); it’s for a great cause; and the great cause–the Leukemia Society–is footing your bill. Once you sign up, your local chapter holds your hand through training, nutrition education and fund-raising, out of which comes the moola for your own trip. Expect a course right out of Northern Exposure, and keep an eye out for unintentional mile markers such as moose and bears. Celebrate afterward at one of the solstice parties around town.

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